At Vintage Trunks & Chests we finish all our items in several coats of a quality wax polish, endorsed by the Guild of Master Craftsmen and  EN71 part 3 approved safe for toys, to naturally enhance, revive and  protect the original patina.  

It is important to note that a wax finish does not have the same protection as a lacquered finish (the type you may find on shop-bought  furniture) - the wood is not sealed and can breathe and take on the  elements of its surroundings, for example rings will occur if mats are  not used and spills will be absorbed into the wood.

Therefore to keep your wooden trunk, chest or coffee table in tip top condition we  would advise you to wax it periodically depending on the wear and tear it receives, the suggestion for a coffee table is twice a month. 

This is not as labour intensive as it sounds, only the top need be done with a clear or neutral wax according to the instructions on the wax product used. 

The whole piece should be waxed every six to twelve months to maintain the finish - the wax will feed the wood keeping it hydrated and maintaining the depth of colour. If rewaxing doesn't occur then the piece will fade and possibly start to split in places. 

Wood, as a natural product, can be subject to shrinkage and movement - it will expand and contract in extreme temperatures. Wooden furniture is a living piece so be careful where you place it, not too close to heat sources and away from sun light exposure.

Waxed furniture is easily restored if damage has occurred to the finish. There are several products on the market to remove rings and marks, they may not remove these completely but they do a pretty good job. 

Alternatively you can also rub waxed furniture down with either a very fine grade wire wool or sandpaper, working with the grain, and once satisfied that the  mark is removed rewax with a colour matched as closely as possible to the original piece.

Please contact us if you have any further enquiries about caring for your item and we will be happy to help.